Month: September 2015

Is academic language enough? Social capital and minority languages

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Language education / Questions

When I first listened to Suzanne Talhouk’s Tedx Talk “Don’t Kill Your Language,” I selected the Brazilian Portugese subtitles.  I have been learning Portuguese for the past three months and it made sense to practice my reading comprehension.  But I mostly chose Portuguese because, of the 28 subtitles possible, my heritage language, French, wasn’t an option.  What an ironic way to begin a reflection on the importance of language protectionism! As a language advocate, I’m accustomed to […]

[Throwback Thursday] Teaching Kids Across Language Barriers

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Education Equity / Language education

From time to time, I feature an individual who has made a remarkable difference in the lives of our children. These education change agents care about one thing above everything else: the education of our children. “When I had my vision for a school, I realized that as a parent, I am powerful. As a teacher, I am an expert. Armed with that realization, I knew I could start my own school.” So says Rhonda […]