Month: September 2015

Did I offer peace today?

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Too often we expect that peace happens to us, that someone else gives us peace or extends the olive branch.  We expect that peace happens around us, institutions and organizations and entities make peace.  For this year’s International Day of Peace, let’s focus on how we are each offering peace to ourselves and others. Advertisements

Educação básica

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Education Equity

During this trip to São Paulo, we stayed in Vila Madalena because of its street arts profile and the famous Beco do Batman.  Vila Madelena feels like Williamsburg, cutely packaged local artisan boutiques, architects and graphic designers, amazing restaurants and bars at every turn.  One morning we ventured out to the Liberdade neighborhood, home to Brazil’s 120-year old Japanese population.  Our print tourist map outlines Liberdade like it is the eastern coast of SP, like there is […]

[Throwback Thursday] Finland Offers Lesson For Building Student, Teacher Agency

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Rhonda Broussard is the founder of St. Louis Language Immersion Schools, a charter management organization. In 2014, she traveled to and explored the education systems of Finland and New Zealand as an Eisenhower Fellow (full disclosure: I was also a 2014 Eisenhower Fellow). As I listened to her discuss her travels this past May in Philadelphia, I was struck by how relevant some of the insight she had gained in Finland were for those creating […]

Do struggling learners belong in language immersion programs?

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Language education

Yes.  But what about the students who have weak L1 skills?  Them too.  Our students in poverty don’t have the home supports to be successful in language immersion.  Isn’t this a hardship for them? Nope.  These students need longer time to get academic concepts, won’t language immersion delay them in comparison to their peers?  Uh, still no. Academic conferences are typically places to validate our perspectives, and, when we least expect it, really challenge our […]