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This I Believe: Change is possible now

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Collective Impact / Diverse Schools / Eisenhower Fellowship / Equity / Language education

When invited to talk about the importance of a multilingual America, I’m the last person that anyone expects to see walk up to the podium.  As a Black American with unaccented English, people are surprised to learn that I grew up in a language-minority community in the US.  My family is frequently stopped and asked what language we’re speaking and what country we’re from.  By now, my children (11 and 7) are accustomed to these […]

7 books, 2 talks, 1 TV show and Al Pacino – what One Good Question folks are reading

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Accountability / Collective Impact / One Good Question / Questions / School Design

During every One Good Question interview, we have awesome side conversations and anecdotes that don’t make the final edit.  I’ve noticed my reading list grow in direct relationship to our side bars.  As you start planning your personal fall syllabus, here are a few titles that might resonate:   On design Aylon Samouha: The End of Average: How we succeed in a world that values sameness, Todd Rose  Rose opens his Ted Talk and book with […]

One Good Question with Nicole de Beaufort: What if we built ed funding on abundance, not scarcity?

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Collective Impact / Early Childhood Education / Education Equity / One Good Question

This post is part of a series of interviews with international educators, policy makers, and leaders titled “One Good Question.”  These interviews provide answers to my One Good Question (outlined in About) and uncover new questions about education’s impact on the future. In what ways do our investments in education reveal our beliefs about the next generation’s role in the world? I try to look at this question through multiple lenses, those of foundations, government, and […]