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One Good Question with Karen Beeman: How Biliteracy Supports Social Justice for All

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This post is part of a series of interviews with international educators, policy makers, and leaders titled “One Good Question.”  These interviews provide answers to my One Good Question (outlined in About) and uncover new questions about education’s impact on the future. Karen Beeman provides national professional development for teachers and administrators in bilaterally and bilingual education.  Karen is co-author, along with Cheryl Urow, of Teaching for Biliteracy: Strengthening Bridges Between Languages. “Voy a una party con mi […]

Is academic language enough? Social capital and minority languages

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When I first listened to Suzanne Talhouk’s Tedx Talk “Don’t Kill Your Language,” I selected the Brazilian Portugese subtitles.  I have been learning Portuguese for the past three months and it made sense to practice my reading comprehension.  But I mostly chose Portuguese because, of the 28 subtitles possible, my heritage language, French, wasn’t an option.  What an ironic way to begin a reflection on the importance of language protectionism! As a language advocate, I’m accustomed to […]

[Throwback Thursday] Teaching Kids Across Language Barriers

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From time to time, I feature an individual who has made a remarkable difference in the lives of our children. These education change agents care about one thing above everything else: the education of our children. “When I had my vision for a school, I realized that as a parent, I am powerful. As a teacher, I am an expert. Armed with that realization, I knew I could start my own school.” So says Rhonda […]