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This I Believe: Change is possible now

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When invited to talk about the importance of a multilingual America, I’m the last person that anyone expects to see walk up to the podium.  As a Black American with unaccented English, people are surprised to learn that I grew up in a language-minority community in the US.  My family is frequently stopped and asked what language we’re speaking and what country we’re from.  By now, my children (11 and 7) are accustomed to these […]

America already has integrated schools — here’s how we can have more

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In his Will America ever have integrated schools ? blog post yesterday, Neerav Kingsland asked for ways to better understand the story for school integration advocacy.  Here at One Good Question, I’m usually talking to other people about their perspectives, but since I spend a lot of time wondering about his question myself, I have a few thoughts to share. Dear Neerav, I love that you’re thinking about this from personal, policy, and practical perspectives ! I am […]

When women succeed, the world succeeds. #IWD2016

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In honor of International Women’s Day/ Journée des Droits des Femmes, a look back at  Dr. Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka’s talk “When women succeed, the world succeeds.” We need to get decision makers to stop seeing women as the problem or charity case. We will not overcome inequality or poverty or sustainable peace if we do not improve the lives of women. There are only 20 women heads of state in the world. if we had more female […]

One Good Question with Zaki Hasan: Move Bangladesh from Fashion Economy to Thought Economy

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In what ways do our investments in education reveal our beliefs about the next generation’s role in the world? If you talk about the philosophy of education, in Bangladesh, we’re still like 17th century Europe – an industrial country focused on economic equities : jobs, food, survival. We’re not talking about which common social values the world should have.  After I earn the money in my skilled job, do I understand the value of human life […]