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One Good Question with Darren Isom: Are you preparing your students to become your peers?

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Equity / informal education / One Good Question

This post is part of a series of interviews with international educators, policy makers, and leaders titled “One Good Question.”  These interviews provide answers to my One Good Question (outlined in About) and uncover new questions about education’s impact on the future. In what ways do our investments in education reveal our beliefs about the next generation’s role in the world? I back away from the “education” conversation because I think of my work as more […]

We must teach children to learn: language lessons from neuroscience

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Language education

Language educators and researchers are fascinated by neurological data.  We love to cite the latest research —Have you read Bialystok’s work on the bilingual brain? — and share documentaries like The Secret Life of the Brain.  Because we still subscribe to the notion that “hard science” is more respected than social science, we tout scientific research that validates our pedagogical framework. So when Dr. Elvira Souza Lima opened her keynote speech at this year’s Brazilian Immersion Conference, and […]